About Us

Sports have been an integral part of my life at every stage of growth. The first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was an athlete, a figure skater. I've since fell in love with track and field and competed collegiately and became an All American. After completing my eligibility, I knew that I had much more to give to the sport and had not come close to what I could accomplish. So, I decided to keep going to become a professional athlete. Yes, a full circle moment.

Along the journey, I was introduced to bobsled and skeleton and invited to join the USA Bobsled and Skeleton Olympic Development Team for skeleton. My new goal was to become a summer AND winter Olympian.

Not long after, I suffered an injury that lasted a few years. It was a new mental and physical battle I was unfamiliar with. I decided I would keep going and my next competition I would represent myself! To be proud of what I conquered all while not having sponsorship during the storm.

Once I made that decision, the Holy Spirit to told me to create my own brand. 

And so Unsponsored Life was created as a symbol of community for athletes taking the unconventional route to reach their dreams.

If you have taken an unconventional route too, share it with me so that we can celebrate you!

-Jessica Walker